Indie & Freelance mobile app development

Indie - The dream is to generate enough revenue by building products I love.
Freelance - While building this dream I'm available as a native Android & Flutter developer.

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About Me

My name is Rob and I love building mobile apps. Back in 2013, while studying Computer Science at the VU, I released my first Android app which has reached more than 500.000 users by now. I've been building apps ever since.

After working for an agency for two years my current dream is to built and monetize my own projects. However to make this a sustainable dream I'm also available as a freelancer, building native Android and Flutter apps.


Over the last couple of years I've built and published numerous apps. Below you'll find a selection of the apps I've built as an independent developer. For a complete list you can check my Google Play and App Store accounts.

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Where to find me?

Whether you need some help with one of your Android or Flutter projects, or you just want to reach out online, you can find me here!